Do Larger Insurance Companies Offer Cheaper Insurance Rates?

A big question that many insurance consumers ask is, “Do larger insurance companies offer cheaper insurance rates?” Let me answer this question by saying that just because the larger insurance companies may do business in multiple states, this doesn’t mean their share of the market is bigger, nor does it mean they can write lower premium policies for everyone in every state.

The amount of insurance that each company writes may vary from state to state based on their experience in that particular state, or even in a certain region of a state. Insurance consumers should also be aware that there may be smaller regional insurance companies that offer the same coverage at a lower rate. Although the regional companies may not be as big as the larger insurance companies, they still may be competitive and financially sound. Bigger is not always better. In my experience as an independent insurance agent, I have discovered that savings were available to some customers by writing the customer’s insurance with a smaller regional company.I would suggest that people who are looking for the lowest insurance rates consider requesting insurance quotes from the smaller regional companies, as well as a larger national company. Most smaller regional insurance companies do business through local independent agents. In order to request quotes from smaller companies, you will most likely have to use a local independent agent.

If using a smaller company is a concern, then I would also suggest that you request from the writing insurance agent the companies their AM Best rating and financial information. The AM Best rating can be a handy tool for consumers.

The A.M. Best Company is an independent, full-service credit rating organization. They assign a rating for each insurance company based on the insurance company’s financial strength. Based on the outcome, a company will receive a rating of Superior (A++, A+), Excellent (A, A-), or Good (B++, B+). Per AM Best, companies with a rating between A++ – B+ are considered to be financially secure. Other ratings include Fair (B, B-), Marginal (C++, C+), Poor (D), Under Regulatory Supervision (E), In Liquidation (F) and Suspended (S). According to AM Best, companies with a rating between B – S are considered to be financially vulnerable.By comparing multiple insurance quotes from both large and smaller regional companies who have B+ or better rating, consumers should be able to feel secure in finding the cheapest insurance rate.

Your Child’s Health – Who’s Responsible?

Can you be summoned to court in the future for bad eating habits formed in childhood?
Scenario: Two or three decades from now, scores of adults with health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity will be suffering serious self esteem issues and spending tons of money on medicine and treatment. This will have been caused by what they were fed in their daily activities during their childhood.
In their frustration, they form support groups with other adults who share the same health problems and humiliation due to being obese. Eventually they look for something to blame and finally decide and point their accusing fingers at the ones that played a major role in their developing years- their parents. They might even take Mom and Dad to court and win; as the judge will likely be one their own- himself a victim of bad diet and lack of exercise during childhood.
Funny as it sounds, this scenario can really happen. Sadly, some parents these days are being blamed by their offspring for the myriad of problems our society is suffering from. The numbers say it: scores of people a few decades from now will suffer a cacophony of ailments stemming from bad childhood diet and lifestyle habits.
Believe it or not, the diet of a lot of babies and toddlers these days are as actually as bad as those of their chip n dip munching teenage counterparts who dine mainly on fast-food. The American Dietetic Association published a recent study proving this in one of the journals.
The diet of 1/3 of the child respondents surveyed by researchers from the Tufts University School of Medicine had vegetables and fruits absent from their diet. Most of those that did have vegetables present in their diet were under the impression that French fries qualified as a vegetable.
It’s bad enough that a lot of children these days aren’t getting much exercise sitting in front of the boob tube the whole day watching cable TV, but researchers also discovered that some parents were even pouring soda into baby bottles designed for milk. Cola drinks and other types of carbonated drinks are a major cause of obesity in adults.
Not surprising then that a fourth of preschool children suffer from obesity and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Furthermore, preferences in children’s diet are established during 2nd and 3rd years of their lives, so the statistics are certain to get worse. Most cases of heart disease and diabetes are linked of course, to bad diet and unhealthy lifestyles, so children these days or on the road to bad health.
So can parents during these times of fast-food, marathon online games and cable TV do anything about this unhealthy trend? Of course! We all have the capability of influencing our offspring’s lifestyle habits dramatically. Being good role models for our children by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits is a good start.
We’d never know, but down the road, 20-30 years from now, babies that have had the good fortune on having parents that helped them form healthy eating habits and lifestyles will become smart, fit and successful adults. These healthy members of society may even recognize and show some appreciation for the thoughtfulness their parents had in helping them form healthy habits in their childhood. Doesn’t this sound like a way better alternative to a lawsuit?

How To Ensure The Dental Health Of Your Kids

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids. Obviously, you want them to be healthy. This includes having healthy teeth. In order to make your kids’ dental health a priority, you need to find a great family dentist, for example, Richard Gawarzewski, DMD PA. Additionally, brushing teeth and flossing should be part of your kids’ routine early on.

Take Them to the Dentist

It may seem obvious, but not every parent takes their kids to the dentist regularly. In fact, a lot of parents wait until the kids are already in school. Unfortunately, by that time, brushing habits (good or bad) have been well established, and your child is already getting some of her permanent teeth.
The best thing to do is to start with dentist visits when your kids are young. They may not be able to get their teeth cleaned for the first little while, but they’ll become familiar with the dentist. At the same time, your dentist gets the chance to talk to you about dental hygiene for kids.

Make Brushing Teeth a Routine

When seat belts first became mandatory, parents may have had a hard time enforcing them. Nowadays, they are routine for most people. If you want your kids to have healthy teeth, brushing and flossing teeth must also become part of the routine. If it helps, you can use a picture chart at night that includes all of the tasks that need to get done, such as brushing teeth, going potty, and putting on pajamas.

There is more to dental health than going to the dentist and brushing teeth. But if you take care of that, you have already won half the battle. For more information on dental health for kids, you need to talk to a dentist, for example, Richard Gawarzewski, DMD PA.